The history of our company begins in 1957, when it was founded by Carlo Gasperini, a talented basso singer with rare artistic feeling. After a brilliant career in the most fascinating international theatres, he decided to quit and create a Florence-based company dedicated to graphic arts.
The well-known Tuscan tradition in the print-printing field (e.g., intaglio or thermography) was an ideal starting point for Carlo, who began developing  the ‘Tuscan Heritage for Graphic Arts’ in a modern context.

A decisive step was made by his son Giampaolo (current CEO), who joined the company in 1982. Giampaolo widened the business’ horizon with international partners and suppliers, such as Richardson inks (1986), HDP Chemicals (1988), Cronite Corp. (1990), Faust Thermographic Supply (1993), Sunraise Inc. (1998), Brandtjen & Kluge (1998), Tomlinson Ltd. (2000).

Over the years Gasperini has affirmed itself in the role of leading (and only) Italian centre specialized in supplying machines, products, and technologies for print-finishing (foil, emboss, intaglio and thermography).  We believe our service is of prime importance; hence we continuously strive to offer the highest level of satisfaction, in line with the excellence of our worldwide partners.