Gasperini is your n. 1 supplier of foil, emboss, holographic microtexture microembossing dies. Thanks to the combination of high technical printing know-how and the state of the art of the engraving tecnologies. Extreme precision + shortest possible delivery time + guaranteed quality control + technical & creative knoledge + printed proofs on original materials (if required).
All our special dies (MicroSecurFoil and 3D artistic emboss dies) require only 4-5 days for production!

MicroSecurFoil / holographic microtextured & microembossing dies

MicroSecurFoil dies are Gasperini's flagship. Once received your logo or image, our graphic studio creates a unique microtextured design, which is then manufactured on special microembossed dies. Given that each artwork is unique, your competitor will not be able to reproduce it.

Case history “Kaspersky”: naked artwork

Anti-counterfeiting microtextured die

The combination of our skill in designing special anticounterfeiting microtextures, and the required experience in handling the very difficult manufacturing process, make extremely hard for every counterfeiter trying to imitate the final result.
In fact, when trying to replicate a microtexture with a low quality metal die, the difference is easily visible to anyone, because the image quality and the level of detail are clearly poor.

This is the final result, once foiled!

Multilevel artistic 3D emboss dies

Every 3D artistic emboss die is studied and created by the Gasperini Team Design.
With our engraving technologies, embossing is perfectly controlled: from the simplest single-level emboss, to the most complex multilevel or artistic emboss, also with foil combination. Prior to manufacturing the die (which takes only 3 days!) we are able to supply the customer with a 3D interactive preview. so that it is possible to check the overall effect and to make some changes (if required).

Case history “Game of Thrones”: naked artwork

Multilevel artistic emboss-deboss die

This is how the final BluRay box looks like!

Flat foil copper, magnesium and brass dies

Here are the features of all the Gasperini magnesium dies: extremely competitive price, delivery time within 24 hours (for orders coming within 10:00 AM), perfect etching, very accurate trim, edges with bevel (for fixing dies into your machine) and guaranteed perfectly stable and flat.

Gasperini, with his specific knowledge, is one of the very few manufacturers in the world of copper dies. Here are their features: copper is essential in case you need to reproduce very fine details or text (until character 4); it is a good thermal conductor metal and therefore it allows to reduce the machine’s temperature of approx. 20% (with the result of a lower paper tension); copper’s expansion is very low (comparing with magnesium) and this guarantee a perfect register; finally copper is a very resistant metal (like brass) and it is therefore recommended for long run o ripetitive jobs.

Foil and emboss dies

Our foil and emboss dies guarantee, in only one passage, a perfect result, avoiding any problem of misregister and reducing to zero the set-up procedures. Once the die have been fixed, the counterforce positioning is quite simple and fast, thanks to the equipped special clips and the demi-transparency of the counterforce. We are able to personalize the engraving style to get a lot of different emboss shapes: faceted, rounded, pyramidal, multilevel… and so on.

Case history “Treccani”: naked artwork

Multilevel foil and emboss die

Here it is the printed sheet!