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3D Artistic Emboss Dies

The 3D Artistic Emboss Dies are our source of pride, and prove the excellence of our job. The combination of our exclusive Italian design with the most advanced engraving technologies and the artistic touch of our skilled hand-engravers, makes your printed products totally unique, exclusive, fascinating and of stunning luxury.
Let your dreams and your papers come alive with our 3D artistic emboss dies!

pannello2 con abbond 5cm

Gasperini microtexture flipflap

pannello2 con abbond 5cm

“MicroSecurFoil” anti-counterfeiting dies

MicroSecurFoil dies are Gasperini's flagship. Each micro-texture is created by our design studio exclusively for you and for your specific jobs. As each artwork is unique, none will be able to duplicate it, and - what’s more - you will get a final result of stunning luxury.

alfa romeo

Micro-textured dies for special effects

Our micro-textured dies can be used in the widest application fields (packaging, labels, fashion hang-tags, letterheads, security documents, business cards, etc...) in order to get a matchless corporate identity. Moreover, the combination of the diffractive effects of our micro-textured dies with a further overprint, will guarantee an amazing result!


Sculptured Foil-Emboss Dies

Our sculptured foil and emboss dies guarantee in only one pass a perfect result. No problems of misregister, and drastic reduction of set-up procedures.
Prior to manufacturing the die we supply you with a 3D interactive preview, so that you can check the overall effect and ask for some changes, if required. The final result will be of stunning luxury and will remind you the evocative charm of a true masterpiece, joined to an extraordinary quality and accuracy of detail.

Sunraise thermography machines

Gasperini is European and Asian distributor of Sunraise thermographic machines, world leader since 30 years. Gasperini offers to his customers all over the world warranty, installation and maintenance service. Sunraise is the sole manufacturer of large format industrial thermographic machines (up to cm 100). The Sunraise thermographers can be put in line to any offset machines, with very competitive production cost.

Sunraise powder applicator

Glitter and adhesive powder applicators for screen printing

A new range of stand-alone devices for the application of glitters and PET / puff-up / adhesive powders, to be used in the screen printing and heat transfer industry. They can operate in-line with screen printing machines, accommodating powders between 60 and 200 microns, for a wide range of designs and sparkling effects.

Senza titolo-1

Shiny Tuscany thermographic powders

Our finest thermographic powders are made of pure natural resins, and are totally safe and environment friendly. Transparent, coloured, pearlescent… their final effect changes depending on the offset ink underneath. That’s why you can take advantage of this feature for your anti-counterfeiting purposes. Thermography can be used also as an alternative to foil stamping & emboss, in case you need to show non-metallic raised effects. Gasperini is the main European supplier able to ship any quantity of powders, with most part of the product range always in stock.



Micro embossing, microtexture, deep embossing rotary machines

Gasperini introduces in Europe the top quality sheet-fed / sheet plate rotary emboss machines. These are the No. 1 quality choice in the world. Application fields are: packaging, cosmetics, food and beverage, fashion, pharmaceutical, shopping bags, and many others... The emboss textures can be used on the widest rage of material, such as laminated, varnished, metallic paper and boards. The more glossy and reflective your material is, the more impressive your visual impact will be.




Intaglio: security, art and technology

Intaglio is the oldest and the most prestigious print-finishing technique. Banknotes, State and Corporate bonds, stamps, cheques, security certificates, hang-tags, VIP letterheads and business cards are still nowadays printed with this fascinating technique. Gasperini is able to supply you with all the know-how from the very beginning of the project, up to the development of your intaglio production (including machinery, dies, inks, and all the accessories), so that you will be able to enter into the very exclusive club of intaglio.