Sunraise glitter and adhesive powder applicators for screen printing

Sunraise has developed a new range of automated stand-alone powdering sections, specifically engineered for the application of glitters and PET / puff-up / adhesive powders, which are commonly used in the screen printing and heat transfer industry.

Available in 50, 76 and 100 cm. wide versions, each model features a special vacuum head, which focuses the vacuum precisely to the substrate surface allowing for a crisp and clean product.

PS applicators can operate in-line with screen printing machines and other high production presses. The variable vacuum control allows you to increase or decrease vacuum, accommodating powders between 60 and 200 microns, for a wide range of designs and effects. You don't have to mix glitters and powders into your ink, and therefore you won't have any problem of glitter flow in your silk screen. Glitter will then stay on the surface, and won't be "drowned" in the ink.

Sunraise PS powdering section