Shiny Tuscany thermographic powders and glitters

Our finest Shiny Tuscany thermographic powders for raised print are made of pure natural resins, and are totally safe and environmentally friendly.

Transparent, coloured, pearlescent… their final effect changes depending on the offset ink underneath. That is why they can be used also for anti-counterfeiting purposes. You can mix also glitter to get amazing effect and endless combinations!

Also laser-proof UV powders are available to allow thermographic printings to be used with laser printers. With UV powders it is possible to obtain multi-colored thermographic printings, even on both sides of the sheet.
The UV thermography powders require a specific UV device to be assembled on all the automatic Sunraise machines.

Gasperini is the main European supplier able to ship any kind and quantity of thermography powders, with the most part of the product range always available in stock.