Sunraise thermographic machines for raised print

Thermography is totally ecological (zero impact and 100% safe raw materials), affordable, fast and of the great visual impact. Thermography adds a tactile and visual effect that improves the attraction of your printed product. It can be developed – on industrial scale up to cm. 70×100 size – combining our Sunraise thermographic machines for raised print with our excellent “Shiny Tuscany” thermographic powders.

Gasperini is European and Asian distributor of Sunraise thermographic machines, world leader for over 30 years

Gasperini offers to his customers all over the world warranty, installation and maintenance service.

Sunraise is the sole manufacturer of large format industrial thermographic machines (up to 100 cm). The Sunraise thermographers can be put in line to any offset machines, with very competitive production cost.

Here are the main features of all the HP and SE series thermographers:

  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Precision of the result, thanks to the digital temperature control.
  • Unequalled durability thanks to top quality parts and components.
  • Energy smart: 3 sectional, state of the art ceramic fiber heaters with the exclusive energy smart heat zone control makes Sunraise the most energy efficient thermographer that you can buy. Heat tunnels are insulated with the same high-tech insulation that NASA uses on the Space Shuttle.
  • U.V. unit (optional on HP models) that allow you to produce thermo’d sheet resistant to laser printers (by using special UV powders).
  • Feeder: double action in-feed conveyor makes feeding from any offset press a breeze.

HP-12 Sunraise thermographer in line to a GTO Heidelberg offset press.

Thermographic machines

Sunraise SE DP-DH-DC series

Specifically engineered taking into account the experience gained with the SE series, the SE DP-DH-DC models come built with a Double Powder section, a Double Heater, and a Double Cooler (hence the acronym DP-DH-DC). These thermographers have been studied to meet the needs and the tighter standards required by the packaging industry, where heavier cartons and boards are used. The Double/Double/Double Sunraise machines will allow you to produce raised print with an incredible quality, both on 50x70 cm. and 70x100 cm. sheets.

Sunraise SE series

“Special Edition” models have become the industry benchmark for large format thermographers. They allow you to do thermography on large size: up to 50x70 cm. with SE-30, up to 70x100 cm. with SE-40!

Sunraise HP-20

It is the largest HP model, with a max. paper width of 50 cm. It is equipped – as all the HP models – with wheels and can be easily put in line to your offset or letterpress machine. It is used to do thermography up to 35x50 cm. size.

Sunraise HP-15

Automatic model, with a max. paper width of 38 cm. The HP-15 is a versatile model that can be put in line – as all the HP models - to your offset or letterpress machine. It is used to do thermography on 25x35 cm. sheets.

Sunraise HP-12

It is the smallest automatic model, with a max. paper width of 30 cm. It’s easy to be used and requires minimal maintenance. It’s perfect for a medium size thermography, with the high quality and productivity of the larger models.

Sunraise S series

The two tabletop hand-fed models (S-6 and S-12) are perfect for short run, with a max. paper width of 30 cm. They are the most economical thermographers produced by Sunraise and n. 1 selling tabletop thermographers in the world.

Sunraise PS series

A new range of stand-alone devices for the application of adhesive powders and glitters, to be used in the screen printing and heat transfer industry. PS applicators can operate in-line with screen printing machines. Discover the full range here.