Intaglio (die-stamping)

Intaglio (die-stamping) is the oldest and the most prestigious print-finishing technique. Banknotes, State and Corporate bonds, stamps, cheques, security certificates, hang-tags, VIP letterheads and business cards are still nowadays printed with this fascinating technique (which is sometimes combined with other techniques like foiling, emboss, and holographic micro-textures).

Intaglio machines

Gasperini is able to supply you with all the know-how from the very beginning of the project, up to the development of your intaglio production (including machinery, dies, inks, die-wiping paper coils and all the accessories), so that you will be able to enter into the very exclusive club of intaglio. We can supply new high productivity equipment, or second-hand overhauled machines at a very good price. You can also choose a different way: you can rely on us to outsource your production. We will be glad to take care of your success with your final customer.

Intaglio dies

Our high quality intaglio dies are certainly the feather on its cap of our product range. The thickness of our intaglio dies goes from 1.63 to 7 mm. As it is often necessary to get a thickness of 12-15 mm., our customers fix them on steel plate (with standard size) to reach the desidered thickness. In case of long run, we make chrome plating service, in order to avoid the chemical demages caused by the intaglio inks. When intricate or microscopic details have to be reproduced - especially in the anti-counterfeiting fields - we supply special laser cut steel dies.