Micro embossing, microtexture, deep embossing rotary machines

Big news for rotary and textured emboss.

Gasperini introduces in Europe the top quality sheet-fed / sheet plate rotary emboss machines. These are the No. 1 quality choices in the world. There are 4 models available, and 3 differents sizes: cm. 70x92 / 80x110 / 94x130. The emboss areas is just 5 mm. each side narrower than the sheet size. The strong points of our machines are the following:

  • You can emboss paper, board, PVC, PP, PET with customized emboss textures or microtextures.
  • Machines use thin emboss steel plates: lightweight, faster to manufacture, much cheaper and much easier to handle than a classic, solid, heavy steel or brass emboss cylinder.
  • Customized textures and micro-textures designed by Gasperini. Our experience and expertise in this field are a guarantee of success.
Emboss machine cm. 80x110

Some of the possible applications are: packaging, cosmetics, food and beverage, fashion, pharmaceutical, shopping bags, and many others... The emboss textures can be used on the widest rage of material, such as laminated, varnished, metallic paper and boards. The glossier and more reflective your material, the more impressive your visual impact.
The overall investment of a complete system is quite limited (the entry-level model with a low pile delivery is very inexpensive), and allows you to quickly enter into this fascinating world with a technique (and a product) that nobody can currently do in Europe. This will be your competitive edge.

Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be glad to supply you with all the details you need.