EconoFoil® - UEI® Group patent

Revolutionary system of copper foiling sleeves for rotary machines, replacing the classic solid cylinders for hot stamping.
The patented EconoFoil® system consists in creating a reusable light alloy base cylinder (mandrel), on which copper sleeves are then wound, easily interchangeable, very light, very fast to produce (2-3 days) and whose qualities of resistance and detail are the same of the brass cylinder they replace.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast set-up, easy to handle and store.
  • Reduced cost compared to classic solid cylinders.
  • Economical to transport, much cheaper compared to solid tools (the weight of an EconoFoil® is approximately 2 kg.).
  • Production in only 2-3 working days.
  • Incomparable hot stamping quality and uniformity.
  • Excellent wear resistance thanks to the special patented copper alloy with which they are manufactured.


Rotary Cylinders