Flat foil


Thanks to an exclusive UEI® proprietary manufacturing process and a specially developed copper alloy, we have introduced on the market the revolutionary copper dies. Copper is the best you can get in the hot stamping industry: harder and more resistant than magnesium dies, perfect for longer running orders, superior heat transference that guarantee the highest quality foiled result.
Copper is perfect for reproducing the finest details (down to 0.1 mm) and the most demanding reversed out areas (down to 0.2 mm).

Copper is also eco-sustainable and totally recyclable and can be sold and overvalued at market value, with a concrete advantage for all companies that use it, since at the end of the year they can get a bonus from its sale.
Copper weighs is five times more than magnesium, so it is very easy to accumulate hundreds of kilograms in a short time.

In addition to the new exclusive copper production, we also supply traditional brass dies up to the 70x100 cm. size.